Solution 1: Adapted Activity Round Table

Cheryl David 3rd Grade

Solution 2: Luxor Standing Desktop Desk w/ Folding Legs as a Student Low Table

Here's another idea I had using a Luxor portable table top designed for creating a standing table from a regular sitting table. Instead of doing that, use this table on the floor with students as a low table.

The Luxor Table now only comes in one size
  • 32" W x 23.5" D
  1. Tip Table upside down

  2. Use allen wrench to unscrew legs

  3. Ask the custodian if he has any cap glides from other tables that would fit over the legs?

  4. If not, you can make a small cross slit in four tennis balls to be your base.

  5. For pillows, DO NOT buy cloth covered pillows! They go flat fast and get very dirty in a classroom environment. Down Pillows with washable covers at IKEA hold up.

  6. For Cushions, think about what kind of cushion will take a beating and last a long time. My current favorite are the garden kneeling pads or wobble cushions found on Amazon.
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