IKEA Hack: 
Medical Overbed Table To Student Standing Table

My father had one of these "Medical Overbed Tables" when he was convalescing at home. I found it later in a storage shed and asked my mom if I could have it. I took it home, spray painted the whole thing black, and in honor of my father, christened it, "Bud's Barbecue Buddy." I used the pneumatic adjustable height as part of my barbecue gear in laying out food, before and after grilling. Unfortunately, I left it out in the rain several times and the particleboard laminate top started to buckle. So, I came up with a new idea that I think my dad would have liked very much.

  1. Turn the overbed tabletop upside down and unscrew from frame.

  2. Lay down the Smaata Chopping block and line up the frame with the height adjustment lever. Use the chopping block side with the hole.

  3. Drill starter holes, and then simply screw the screws into the chopping board.

  4. Now we have a very funky single student self adjusting sit/stand table. My daughter, Shawna sixth grade students love it! Bud would have loved the chopping block touch and now it's a "student buddy."

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