Mobile Tablet Arm Chairs 

New and improved designs of mobile left and right handed tablet arm chairs with casters help to facilitate collaborative learning in many different types of learning spaces.  In my opinion, this is the most versatile seating desk system for 6 -12th grade students.

I've now researched and tested several different brands of mobile tablet arm chairs over the past decade. 

The 18" Tablet Arm Chair with below storage is fantastic for many middle school and high school students through adults. In my last teaching assignment at Mission Bay High School in San Diego, I had many high school students tell me how much they loved this style of chair. It was the first time I had ever heard high school students talking positively about school furniture and I was listening.

Why the dated furniture below needs to become a blast from the past
Combo Desk

What is commonly called, "Combination" or "Combo Desks" have a long and rich history in American classrooms. The great feature of the lightweight (and mostly right-handed) combo desk is it's space saving one-piece form that can be easily moved from its original position. The design of the desk-chair allow students to move out of a single file row and into smaller group work.

However, the factory-row type of seating using the combo desk still remains the norm even today in many secondary and higher ed classrooms.

Let's move this old furniture out and get some new mobile and modular furniture like the above left and right handed Tablet Arm Chair with casters!

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